Creative Writing: How to Write Descriptive Characters, Scenes and Stories

In this course we will be going through the best forms of descriptive and non-descriptive writing in order to find our best writing style!

Course Summary

In this course I will show you: - How to write lengthy descriptions - How to write short descriptions - How to remove unnecessary details - How and when to use analytical and emotional writing = Along with some additional tips and advice when writing in general! Welcome to the Descriptive Writing: The Good and the Bad Course! I will show you everything you need to know to create a interesting and enjoyable description that your reader can enjoy by helping you find your writing style!

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Writer, Writing Instructor

Hi! My name is Matthew and I am your instructor. I have been teaching online for years, having taught over hundred-thousand students, helping writers reach their goals. From planning their story to helping then write full novels they can be proud of, whichever your goal may be, my courses will help you!

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