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Want to start writing? Develop a great story? Write something you're proud of?
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Starter Tier

- Lifetime Access to all writing courses.

That is 17 of MY BEST Courses and counting! Fantastic value!

The Starter tier is best suited for new/beginner writers. The courses teach you all the fundamentals for writing popular genres, improving your writing style and increasing your productivity. If you are unsure of how to plan, write or edit a book, this tier is perfect for you!

Scribe Tier

- All Starter Tier Benefits
- Access to the Writer's Workshop group, where you can discuss writing with other members and directly message me for advice on plotting your story.
- Once a month there will be a Q&A, a great opportunity to receive professional feedback.

The Scribe tier is best suited for more experienced writers struggling with writing their novel. If you have a story idea, but struggle to create a coherent plot or believable/enjoyable characters, this tier is perfect for you. With  to the writing group, you can write to me anytime and I will point you in the right direction. This tier does not include reviewing writing, nor editing.

Novelist Tier - 3 Month Program

All Starter Tier Benefits
PLUS Coaching in the form of:
One-Hour Monthly Video Chats
I Help You Edit and Review Your Manuscript

The Novelist provides you with all the previous tiers benefits along with coaching benefits. I will give you more professional help, review your writing and edit where necessary. In addition, a monthly 1-hour video chat where we discuss your story, review ideas, discuss difficult areas and so on. If you are looking for the full-coaching experience, ensuring you write a story you are proud of, this is the tier for you.

Only five spots available each quarter!

Choose the BEST tier for you!


Writer, Writing Instructor

Hi! My name is Matthew and I am your instructor. I have been teaching online for years, having taught tens-of-thousands of students. From planning your story to helping you write full novels you can be proud of, my courses will help you!

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